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Sunkalpa Jewelry: about us, Susanne and Evelina

Hi, welcome, benvenuti and willkommen!

We are Susanne and Evelina, the owners and creative minds of Sunkalpa.

We have a passion for life, and feel totally inspired when we are creative and impact the lives of those around us in a positive way. Our desire is to help you connect to your truth and to feel good about who you are as well as everything you do. We believe in decisions made from the heart, being open to possibilities, and that you deserve whatever it is your heart desires.

We create all our gemstone jewelry, workshops and services with the intention of making you feel good about who you are, to awaken you to your divine energy, and to embrace and celebrate it; to clear your energy and embrace life. We’d like to be your tour guide on your journey in this adventure of life, serve you and connect you to the positive energy that is all around. You deserve a life that is fulfilling. Tap into your strength and courage, and express who you really are.

We have been working with the healing energy of gemstones for many years; both of us being certified yoga teachers, Reiki Masters and energy healers with over two decades of practice and experience. Crystals have always been an important part of our work. The healing energy and vibration they possess can be of great benefit to anyone. That’s why we created Sunkalpa. We absolutely love sharing our insights, wisdom and bracelets with you. All our gemstones have their own vibration, and additionally we infuse them with healing energy, so they became a beautiful and powerful piece to wear.

All our jewelry is handmade in Canada. We choose the highest and purest quality of gemstones to make sure every one is a piece of art and brings the most benefit to you when you wear it. In our workshop and classes, we help you to transform and transmute your energy to feel more connected to your true essence, and increase your vibration to a more positive and uplifting frequency in a fun and inspiring way.

The word Sunkalpa for us is a vow or promise to be self-illuminated. Give yourself permission to radiate from within. Live your life with passion and authenticity; don't be afraid to be who you are, and watch the magic happen.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. To connect with us, send a message and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Love and light,
Evelina and Susanne

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