Chakra workshops

Journey into the chakra system

Sunkalpa chakra workshops

Chakra is a Sanskrit word and can be translated into wheel or vortex. Chakras are not visible to the eye; they are part of our consciousness, our energy or subtle body. We have seven main chakras which are situated along the spine, starting from the base of the spine and moving up to the crown of the head. Each of the seven chakras relate and are connected to certain areas of our body as well as our emotional, psychological, spiritual and mental state.

The word vortex gives a hint that there is movement. Chakras can be seen as spinning centres of activity that allow the energy to move freely from one chakra into the next if we are balanced in our body, mind and emotions.

Every chakra has its own vibrational frequency. The lower chakras have a dense vibration and move slower, the higher chakras have a finer vibration and spin faster. Each chakra has its own purpose and works individually and at the same time, all seven chakras work together to create balance.

Energy moves through the chakras but can also be stored in each of them. This energy is based on past experiences, its memory, feelings, behaviours that influence the vibrational frequency or the movement of energy at all. The energy flow in the chakras can be reduced or blocked based on negative beliefs, anger, resentment, holding on to grief, fear and sadness. These feelings can be stored over time and affect our health, our emotional state and our energy level.

In our day to day life, with high stress levels, it is very easy to become and feel unbalanced, overwhelmed, stressed and even lonely. In these cases the energy flow in our chakras are affected and we need to find ways to feel at peace and open up again. Creating a deeper understanding of your chakra system, where you are out of balance or blocked and learn how to increase the flow of energy again, release blockages and be open will help you to move forward with ease and confident.

Working with the chakra system will help you to attract and create a life filled with joy, confidence, passion, creativity and love.

Our Chakra Courses and Chakra Readings are designed to help you get a deeper understanding of this beautiful system; to find an easy and practical way to balance the chakras, enhance your life, stay connected to your truth and live from your essence.

Ultimately, the chakras allow our individual soul to connect with the Divine consciousness of the Universe. They offer us a guidance system to health, happiness and freedom.

Our wish is to share with you our knowledge, wisdom and experience about this miraculous system. To assist you on your journey to a blissful life.

Introduction into the chakra system

In our Introduction into the chakra system you will go on an exciting journey though the chakras and develop a deep understanding of their characteristics. You will discover the 7 main chakras, their connection to your body and emotional state. You will experience and learn to become more in-tune and aware with your energy or the areas where it might be blocked.

You will find out ways to support and balance the chakras; learn techniques to ground yourself; open to a happier life full of potential. Understanding the chakras will give you a greater understanding of yourself, your true nature and ways to express your divine essence.

Use the healing energy of crystals to balance your chakras

Sunkalpa chakra workshops: healing energy of crystals

In our Healing energies of crystals you will connect to your intuitive energy to find out what semi precious stone relates to what chakra in your body. You will learn the characteristics and healing abilities of these gem stones and how to use them to balance the chakras, increase and aligning the energy flow.

In this fun and interactive workshop you will also learn how to place the gemstones on the body to create the balancing and healing energy they offer. You will also learn how to cleanse them after using them and how to charge them and infuse more potential healing energy into each crystal.

Everyone will take home a set of 7 gemstones related to each one of the 7 main chakras to use at home.

Yoga and the chakras: How does yoga help to balance the chakra system

Sunkalpa chakra workshops: yoga

The physical practice of yoga is intimately connected to the chakra system. Yoga postures open up the flow of energy, which is referred to as prana in yoga.

In our Yoga and the Chakras workshop you will learn a series of yoga postures to balance all 7 main chakras. You’ll feel the physical connection to the chakras and how to open them through breathing exercises and physical activity. No previous yoga experience is required for this course. It is not important how strong or flexible you think you are. We will make sure that everyone is able to perform any asana (yoga posture) according to their physical ability.

Every chakra has their own sound. It is a short word, also know as a mantra, that can be chanted or recited quietly to balance the chakras. Each mantra has their own vibrational frequency and will directly impact the chakra it relates to. You will learn the 7 mantras related to the chakras and will be able to use them in your own practice at home.

This workshop will start with a meditation to lead you deeper into the world of the chakras and allow you to open up for the physical practice.

Ultimately, the chakras allow our individual soul to connect with the Divine consciousness of the Universe, to offer us a guidance system to health, happiness and freedom.

Our wish is to share with you our knowledge, wisdom and experience about this miraculous system, to assist you on your journey to a blissful life.

Individual chakra readings

Do you feel stuck, restless inside, overwhelmed, stressed or just not very happy? There is a good chance that your energy centres – chakras – are blocked or out of balance. Life force energy is not flowing through your body or your heart in a balanced way. When that happens you are of tune with your divine self and all you do is function instead of being.

Our chakra readings are intuitive readings with chakra cards, where we will connect with your soul essence, the truth of who you are. At the same time, we will look at the practical aspects of you life and how you operate on a daily basis. Combining these two aspects together we will create a plan to help you live a life of purpose.

During the time we spend together we will discover where the energy flow in your chakras is blocked and how this affects your life on many levels. You will gain a deeper insight into your life on a soul level. You will find out which of your actions and behaviours no longer serve who you are today. You will see where it is time to let go and where you can make space for your desires.

You will receive practical tips on how to balance the energy flow, how to make changes necessary to feel grounded, strong and creative; to live from your heart with joy.

Once you book your appointment we will send you a short message with a few tips on how to prepare for the reading so you will get the most out of it.

After the reading is done within 2 days you will receive an e-mail with the main topics we discovered and recommendations on how to incorporate our suggestions into your daily life.

Our chakra readings are personal consultations and can be done via Skype or in person. They are 45 minutes long and are on a limited basis. To book your appointment you can call us 647.831.3358 or email

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